Tuesday, November 24, 2009

VLOG 11/24/09: New Moon review

They couldn't wait a few years to subject us to another Meyer spawn? Peachy. Here's my thoughts on The Twilight Saga: New Moon.


MissMovieObsessed said...

Ok, first of all I'm glad someone had it in their mind that this series is aweful and a horrible excuse for a Rom-Com. It's not even romantic. My friend has read the books and told me that Bella becomes pregnant and her baby tries to eat her because it's half vampire so Bella has to become a vampire. The whole thing is pretty laughable. And I agree that Dollhouse was interesting and intriguing. And they cancel it even though that fucking vampire diaries show still remains on the air. It seriously is for 14 year old girls who have no knowledge of what a real movie is supposed to be like and how a romance is supposed to go. It's truely rediculous how cheesy and aweful these movies are. I refused to pay money to see the first one and downloaded it instead. Oh and Kristen Stewart is an aweful actress. She ruined one of my favourite books Speak when she played the main character in a movie. There's a clip on youtube of scenes that she looks down and bites her bottom lip. And I'm sure she'll ruin The Runaways as well. I'm just glad she's not in The Lovely Bones. Although I'm not expecting much out of that movie. The book exceeds every other form besides that book. Now the Wolfman I believe is going to be a great supernatural movie. And Sherlock Homes. Not this tween sensation series. Last year I heard someone say it's the next Harry Potter. I damn near hit them on the back of the head with a frying pan. Harry Potter is nothing like that poor excuse for a movie. I realizecd I am now rambling so I will leave this as my comment. Great Review. I'm excited for your coming soon reviews. Keep On Keeping on ; )

Daikun said...

I love the way you reenacted the movie's major plot points in such an exaggerated manner. It reminded me of Jim Carrey's movies. You should review bad movies like these more often.

Jewelie the Blogger said...


Yeah, but that would mean subjecting Josh to awful movies on almost a weekly basis.

***Jewelie the Blogger***

MissMovieObsessed said...

Jim carrey is coming out with a movie in which he plays the on screen version of Steven Russell whos exploits land him in prison, he than falls in love with (Ewan McGregor). I would be pretty interested in seeing that because i have never seen Jim Carrey do anything as off key as this. I would love for Josh to review it. Just because I think he would have fun doing so. Subjecting him to not so good movies is kind of the point so he can tell us how much he doesn't want us to waste our money on it.

Sadie :) said...

I think Jewelie's point was that Josh went ahead and wasted HIS $10 on it and then comes back and rants to us about making the same mistake.

:) Sadie :)

Sammy said...

Please don't insult us 14 yr old girls (at the time this came out) by making acusations that we A) like this and B) wrote it. Obviously this movie (and the books) were written by 13 yr old girls whose brains have fallen out or never existed in the first place. My friends and I went to the movie to laugh at the screaming girls and we know we shouldn't fund the system but it was to good of an opportunity to pass up. The reveiw was fantastic by the way, one of the best I've watched so far.