Saturday, November 21, 2009

VLOG 11/21/09: Response to Dollhouse cancellation

Joss Whedon's Dollhouse has been canceled. Why, cruel world!!??


Cin Wicked said...

Nice Vlog for a horrible piece of news. I'll admit I haven't gotten around to watching Dollhouse yet (although I'm only a year behind, which for my track record with Joss Whedon is pretty damn good). But I had heard good things from friends about the series, especially after it started picking up midway through Season 1. So it's been on my list of things 'to watch' (which never gets any shorter I swear).

Glad to see you're enjoying Glee, I had a slightly evil chortle of delight when you mentioned it, and yeah I'm fairly certain that the main reason that Glee isn't getting canceled (at least not yet) is that every week they're releasing 1-4 singles on iTunes that each download for $1.29 CAD (I assume something similar in USD) that get a ridiculous number of hits.

Aces all round for the vlog dude, can't wait for Transformers.

Sadie :) said...

My dad used to watch Dollhouse because he watches every single show with that girl (whose name escapes me right now). Then he didn't get caught up on it and then... well, it ended. So I guess we'll have to check NetFlix for season two.

Anonymous said...

And Eliza Dushku's other show was called Tru Calling.

One funny coincidence between these two shows is that they both ran the same number of episodes before they ended: 27 aired episodes.