Monday, January 30, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And Not a Single Fuck was Given that Day

Hat-tip: Cinema Blend

So, apparently J.J. Abrams has finally elected to get off his ass and make the damn Star Trek sequel. Hear that, JJ? That's the sound of no one caring. It never ceases to amuse me how, despite the ludicrously high praise the first film received and the disturbing number of fans defending it as "just what was needed to bring the franchise back", the hype for a follow-up to this now 3-year old film has been virtually nonexistent. "Mild curiosity" seems a overly generous way to describe the fans reactions every time a casting rumor or story clue is released. Sorry defenders but this movie most certainly did not "bring the franchise back". Your argument is invalid.

In fact, the emotion I'm most sensing from the fans with regard to this film is fear; fear that they'll be stupid enough the make Khan Noonien Singh the villain. Fortunately that seems not to be the case at the point, meaning the internet community can return to their default state of complete apathy on the subject. Honestly, the only thing that has me the slightest bit interested it finding out who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing. The common belief is that he's playing a villain, but he hardly seems the Khan type, nor does he seem a likely choice to play a Klingon baddie. I could easily see him as a Romulan commander (an actual Romulan, not those tattooed thugs from the last one that might as well have been Klingons), but they already did the Romulans. It'd be amusing to see him play Q, or Trelane if they wanna stick with TOS characters, but that seems unlikely. The old "crew jerked around by a playful, omnipotent asshole" is not a very cinematic plot. Though if they are insisting on sticking to TOS characters, the question must be asked: Why? They've already said "fuck off" to the continuity, there's no reason the Borg can't show up a century early now.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Crossover with Diamanda Hagan

I did a crossover video with Diamanda Hagan! We reviewed the dark Horse comics adaption "Virus".