The Agony Booth:  A great site of many talented reviewers, I'm grateful to count myself among them.

Jackasmackalack: My title card artist and my own little brother.

Trenchcoat Anti-Critic: A fellow producer who has taught me quite a lot about video production. You should also check out his web series Complacent Charlie, and his other blog, in which he comments on the reviewer subculture.

Color the Grayscale: Home of Karen Demsko. You saw her talent at work at the beginning of the Usual Suspects episode of The Lunatic Fringe.

Cinfully Wicked Critiques: Listen and Learn.

Diamanda Hagan: She has to live with that every day.

The Count Jackula Show:  Where bad movies stalk the night.

Other Links:
MovieBob:  As a reviewer, this guy is one of my biggest role models right now.

FILM CRITIC HULK:  One of the smartest goddamn critics on the planet. Period.

Nostalgia Chick: Fun, intelligent film video essays. Another great model for reviewers.

Badass Digest: My current go-to film news and review site.