Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Lunatic Fringe: Mars Attacks!

Happy Halloween! Let's talk classic Tim Burton...and how there is no such thing.


Graham said...

You showed Sweeney Todd as a "great one" when you listed Burton's movies.

Didn't you make a video stating how much you disliked it?

Joshua the Anarchist said...

You're the second person to ask that. I honestly didn't think anyone remembered that video, I didn't even upload it to blip, lol.

But in answer to your question: I've changed my mind on the film since then. I was way to fixated on comparing the stage version to the movie when I made that, and after further viewing, I've come to think of it as quite excellent.

Matthew said...

It's a comedy! A fucking comedy you dolt! Are you so rock stupid that you can't figure out why OH why the characters in this movie are acting cartoonish, or why we're expected to laugh at the demise of every over the top asshole character? Here's a hint, IT'S A FUCKING COMEDY YOU DUMBSHIT! How do you not get this? It has Jack Nicholson acting like a twit, the main hero's an idiot, and everyone's an asshole to a cartoonish extent. What, do you need a big neon sign attached to the dvd case blinking FUCKING COMEDY, FUCKING COMEDY, FUCKING COMEDY!

Oh and nice use of the anarchy font you lazy shitstain.

Graham said...

You know what this movie was lacking? Martian subtitles.

I thought it would make a great DVD feature to know what the Martians were saying.