Saturday, August 18, 2012

Walter Hill Made Another Movie

So I'm reluctantly sitting down to watch The Expendables 2, when a trailer for ANOTHER generic-looking Sylvester Stallone action movie appears. Between this and Schwarzenegger's The Last Stand, I guess these guys really are pretending their careers aren't over. So I'm watching this trailer, generic set-up, vaguely racist joke, blah blah...and then at about 1:08, with just four words they suddenly have my attention: "From director Walter Hill".

In case you didn't know, Walter Hill's best known as the guy who brought us this. He also made 48 Hrs. and some underrated gems like Southern Comfort, Streets of Fire, and one of Quentin Tarantino's favorites, The Driver. He's one of my favorite action directors, so this being his first new film in over six years means I have to be a little excited. Well played Sly, you've upgraded me to "cautiously optimistic". Considering Hill's directed Arnold Schwarzenegger AND Bruce Willis before, Perhaps Stallone would consider asking him to do Expendables 3. It might not suck then.

To be fair, the trailer has its moments. I've no idea if "Axe Mercenary" is an actual term, but apparently it means "mercenary who kills people with a fire axe". I'd be interested to know if such a profession exists. Regardless, Sly Stallone axe dueling Khal Drogo* as directed by Walter Hill has high awesomeness potential. And I have no idea why I'm kind've charmed by the fact that they recycled the "old action star guy listens to old rock song in car, young sidekick balks at the idea of listening to anything pre-Lady Gaga" joke from Live Free or Die Hard...but I am.

Apparently this is based on a french graphic novel I've never heard of called Du Plomb Dans La Tete. I've guessing it's much like The Losers or RED, meaning an adaption of a comic book no one cares about got made purely because it was already written to be a film and was extremely un-comic bookish. Apparently Stallone's character's name is Jimmy Bobo. I foresee never being able to take that seriously. I additionally foresee Mr. Bobo's daughter's performance being as wooden as it looks here. Also: Hi, Christian Slater! I see they let you back into the movies after Alone in the Dark. That's nice. How've you been?

*We'll be nice and remember Jason Momoa from that and NOT the Conan remake.

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Cherokee said...

Wow, can't believe that Walter Hill is still making films. The Warriors is one of my favourites, so it is a shame that he has reduced himself to this awful-looking tripe. I'm sure it'll provide plenty of hilarity, though, just as much as The Last Stand seems to be gearing towards.

Loving your blog btw - getting a follow from me!