Friday, July 22, 2011

"In Time" trailer

Oh, hell yeah.

For those not familiar with Andrew Niccol, he's a director who specializes in my favorite kind of movie: high concept science fiction. He wrote and directed Gattaca & S1m0ne, AND scripted The Truman Show. This is his first sci-fi film in nine years, so needless to say I'm pretty psyched to see this. Gattaca & The Truman Show were masterpieces, and this looks to be in the same vein of thinly veiled science fiction allegories used for the purpose of social commentary.

Sure it's more science fantasy than science fiction, for example the premise involves a technology that switches off the "aging gene". I'm terrible at science, but I'm pretty certain no such thing exists, it's just the nature of matter, organic or inorganic, to break down over time, so it's more like they rewrote the laws of physics. Still, that's pretty much how Niccol's films work, the story isn't about how whatever sci-fi tech involved works, but about how it's presence affects the characters lives.

So yeah, definitely one to look forward to. Probably gonna fly under the radar for most people considering the release date unfortunately, but I'd encourage you all to check it out, or at least hunt down Niccol's other work if you haven't already.


Daikun said...


Yeah, about that...

Joshua the Anarchist said...

Hahaha, yes, I admit there are some aesthetic similarities with Logan's Run: the implanted lifeclock, the police force with a cool name, etc. But Logan's Run didn't have the immortality aspect. It probably takes inspiration from Logan's Run, but let's hold off accusations of ripoff until we see the thing.