Sunday, August 8, 2010

MEGAVLOG 8/8/10: Predators & Inception

Two movies that are old news by now, but I'm talking about them anyway. Besides I already promised.




Graham said...

I just heard about your partnership with Xtreme Network Online. Congrats! :)

lzh234 said...

Possible answers to your plot holes.

Plot hole #1: Saito is a tourist, he's just there to witness everything go to plan, cause he's curious, and he is a boss to Cob per say. Cob is experienced. There was an image where Cob tells the Shade that they have grown old, but they just don't remember it. And if you look closely at the image where they are holding hands, it is them lying on the train. I would say they used limbo to personify their youth, despite reality of age.

Plot Hole #2: I'm thinking, Cob wouldn't want to risk another suicide in Limbo seeing that it cost him his wife the first time. Since it seems like Cob is battling what must be done, and what can't be achieved at a dime, he might not be reliable as he was before. He is experienced, but he does come off as someone who just. wants. to. go. home. so bad, he didn't fully plan the whole thing properly, and he thought it wouldn't be necessary to tell his fellow workers that if they go to limbo, they just need to kill themselves, but these workers might end up in a fate worse than Mal.
I wanna say, Ariadinna got out of limbo to 3 via kick. The feeling of falling. Since they were pressed for time, she was just willing herself to wake up, not will herself to kill herself.
It seems to suggest that suicide in limbo wakes the person up from the dream entirely, Ariadinna woke up in dream 3, then 2, then 1.

Other than that, I liked your review for 'Inception' :)