Friday, January 8, 2010

VLOG 1/8/2010: Sherlock Holmes review

Was Guy Ritchie's Victorian epic a mindless actioner or an intelligent flick? Inspector Anarchist is on the case!


Jewelie the Blogger said...

Nice review, Josh. I personally did very much enjoy this movie, which just goes to remind me how much I need to update my own blog. I mean, seriously, my last post was, let's see... November, I think?

But anyway, great review. I'm looking forward to Transformers pt. 2 and your Top Underrated Movie Villains Lunatic Fringe episodes.

***Jewelie the Blogger***

Cin Wicked said...

A fantastic review as usual Josh. Having already decided not to see this movie I can't really comment on aspects of the movie. But I *can* offer some illumination on the novels and the Holmes characterization.

Within the classic novels Holmes was always a little off with Watson being the more 'proper' gentleman (a situation that was changed in most modern interpretations). It is revealed in the novels that Holmes is a drug-addict, specifically indulging in a 7% solution of cocaine as well as being a chronic smoker (which was not seen as a vice in the era). He was always portrayed as a 'bohemian' despite being fastidious about hygiene.

As for the homosexual angle, several academics of English literature have posited the possibility of Holmes being homosexual due to his lack of interest in women but the major romantic interest is usually attributed to Moriarty not Watson because they are mental equals. This is similarly why Irene Adler is the only woman who interests Holmes, because she can match him intellectually. I personally ascribe to the school of thought that Holmes is functionally asexual.

Can't wait for your next review!