Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mad as Hell: Ignorant Audiences

Just blowing off some steam about some things that really piss me off about the average theater goer today. Sorry for the background noise, the air conditioning's really noisy.

WARNING: This is an uncut, bitter rant recorded in the heat of the moment. Therefore it can get very personal and tactless. So unless your very thick-skinned you may be offended by some of what is said.


AdamTM said...


Graham said...

I was surprised to see that it was FILM BRAIN, of all people, to put Inglourious Basterds below Transformers 2. I really like this guy's videos and enjoy his insight on other movies. What was he thinking?

Also, I haven't watched the MTV Movie Awards in over a decade, let alone any other show on that network. It's a poorman's Oscars that panders to consumer sheep.

Matt said...

Wow u r mad! Joshua I completely see where your coming from, and I'll admit I liked both transformers, they're guilty pleasures, and I wasn't the most fond of Inglorious Basterds when I first saw it, However I watched a bunch more Tarantino films since then and I actually went and saw it again and loved it. I think the problem is its target audience wasnt as wide as transformers, because people don't see movies like they used to. Used to you would go to see something cool and original with some intelligence. Where now people go not wanting to use any of there brain cells in a movie. Hollywood is so unoriginal right now that they are making bad sequels and bad remakes. If it wasn't for people like Tarantino their wouldn't be anything new. I'm hoping it will get better, and District 9 showed me that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I'm actually working on a Tarantino tribute film as I write this. I hope you see somewhat eye to eye with me. I respect you and you are one of my favorite critics on the internet.


toekneebeeears said...

I agree with you Joshua. As well as having bad taste in movies, young people also do not know how to act in movie theaters. One of my pet peeves is people who talk during a movie. If I were you in that theater watching Casablanca. I would have told that guy to "Shut the fuck up!" I know that's not the point you were trying to make but, that's something that makes me mad as hell. I should do a video about that. Sorry, I got off topic there. Anyway, I think you are right about Quintin's point of Inglorious Basterds. Both American and Germans did some bad things. I still could not help myself from cheering on the Basterds. I did feel great sympathy for the German "war hero". He was just a solder doing his job. I should have put that in my review. I hope that some of your anger was not directed toward me. I was one of the people who did say I did not like the subtitles. I still liked the movie. Anyway, Keep hope in humanity alive. There are still some of us that respect good movies.

Joshua the Anarchist said...

No Tony, none of this was aimed at you. I actually thought of you right after I uploaded this, I was like "Oh shit, Tony didn't like the subtitles, did he? Hope he's not offended." Honestly if this film had come out at any other time with the same reaction, I wouldn't of thought anything of it. I'm used to people saying Tarantino films are a bit talky. It's just that it came so soon after the atom bomb of suckage that was Transformers 2, when people didn't accept it as a savior from Michael Bay's hellspawn, I just went apeshit.

David said...

you know that rosebud doesn't matter at all to the actual themes of Citizen Kaine. In fact rosebud is merely a plot device.

Pulp Fiction and Inglorious Basterds- not about "American Nihlism"

I couldn't even make it through the video.

You don't know anything about film.

Buy a new T-shirt.

Joshua the Anarchist said...

Oh, of course. The symbol of the main character's lost innocence has absolutely nothing to do with the themes of corruption. Hey, wait...

"American Nihilism" is simplifying it a bit, but that is one popular analysis of Pulp Fiction, though it applies better to Inglourious Basterds. I think it was Mark T. Conrad who put it into those words exactly.

And that was the only shirt I had clean. Sheesh.