Thursday, September 4, 2008

Update: New Ratings System

If any of you read the reviews I put out in this blog, you know that I've been using a standard 10-point ratings system on movies. But lately I figured that it might help to have a more unique rating. So I played around with some stuff and came of my these new system. Instead of points, I'll be using something I like to call "Anarchy Coins". And I want to give credit to Fury the Film Fan, for the inspiration for this system. Check this out:

The Gold Anarchy Coin
This is obviously the highest rating. Five stars, a perfect 10. This is for films like The Dark Knight or WALL-E, that are amazingly good, and have the potential to endure as classics.

The Silver Anarchy Coin
Not a perfect film, but a great one. Worth seeing on the big screen at full price.

The Bronze Anarchy Coin
A decent film. See it at the theatre, but pay matinee price.

The Copper Anarchy Coin

Definately not a good film. Worth renting, but not worth going to the

The Black Spot of Anarchy

A horrible film. Like Meet the Spartans horrible. If you must see it, see edited for cable, while you do something worthwhile.

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